Home delivery within Calgary coming soon…

Home delivery within Calgary coming soon...




  1. All orders placed before 1pm Friday will be delivered on Friday after 4pm
  2. Orders placed after 1pm on Friday will be delivered with the next week’s deliveries
  3. All orders must be inspected by customers upon delivery for any incorrect items, damaged or defective goods
  4. Delivery service is limited to addresses within the city of Calgary, AB
  5. Delivery times may be changed, subject to weather, in which case customer will be notified and items will be delivered as soon as weather and driver availability permit
  6. If customer will be unavailable during delivery period, please notify us and leave instruction on where delivery can be left or if need be reschedule for another date. If we cannot reach you we will leave items at the best possible location. If no such location exists, the order will be returned to the shop at the customer’s expense.
  7. For rescheduling, please contact us before 1pm of your expected delivery day. Once the delivery leaves our shop there will be a charge to return the order